Sun and Portuguese

Sun and Portuguese

Sun and Portuguese.
Sun and Portuguese.

Yesterday we visited the Jardim Botanico. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had fun on the bus listening to the locals and trying to decipher what they were saying on our way there. The Jardim as explained by our teacher Pablo was constructed by the Portuguese Royal family and it is a fantastic place to connect with nature. There are trails on which you can see all the local fauna and visit small waterfalls, look out for wildlife such as monkeys, turtles and squirrels and appreciate the ancient trees. We discussed in Portuguese the names of the different plants and animals and stopped for a coffee along the way to practice our skills. It was a great day filled with happy photo opportunities and I can´t wait to return.

Neil Roche, Ireland.

What a perfect combination we had yesterday: nature, sun and portuguese. Yesterday the day in Rio de Janeiro was beautiful. With so many crowded beaches we decided to go to a more relaxed place so that we could be in contact with nature. It was a great way to practice Portuguese, as Jardim Botânico is a historical place in the marvelous city.
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The place is perfect to take pictures that was what we did. We were inspired and we tried to save the moment with nice photos. We walked by the Parque and spoke a lot of Portuguese. It was almost an outdoors class and later we stopped next to a beautiful fountain.
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But, unfortunately our RioLIVE! came to its end. We went home very happy with such a contact with nature. It was an amazing afternoon.
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