Sun Beach and Football

Playa, sol y fútbol

Sonne, Strand und Fussball – Gestern verbrachten wir den Nachmittag an der Copacabana mit dem besten Sport der Welt. Mit Diogo als Goalie war es sehr unterhaltsam. Wir beendeten einen lehrreichen Tag bei perfekten Temperaturen und einem wunderbaren Sonnenuntergang.

Maya Fehr, Switzerland

Sun Beach and Football
We played tough but good matches!

Sun Beach and Football. A simple but awesome combination that you can do studying Portuguese with us at Rio & Learn. After a great morning of classes, our Portuguese students and craques spent the afternoon playing football at Copacabana Beach. Although it was something just have fun, they played good and very tough matches, all of them with the same objective scoring as much goals possible, which was possible because they are amazing players. The best way to practice Portuguese, learning sports expressions and speak Portuguese. Sun Beach and Football, the best combination ever!

What about you? Have you ever mixed sun beach and football? If you don’t, see more of our matches on Facebook page:

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Sun Beach and Football


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