Sun, Sea & Volleyball

Smiles and hugs on the beach

A few students from the school gathered together to head to the beach, where we played volleyball and soaked in the rays. It was a unique experience to enjoy some time with my classmates and professors outside of regular class time, while still having the opportunity to practice Portuguese. Although it was a brutally hot day, it was a great time!

Ryan Baysinger, United States

A beautiful defense

In the sunny warmth of Copacabana, our students embarked on a unique journey, combining Portuguese language learning with the adrenaline of beach volleyball—an immersive experience that connected culture, sport, and fun. Amidst laughter and team hugs, they realized that the beach had become more than just a tourist destination. It had transformed into a place of unforgettable memories.

Serving the ball

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The perfect pass

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