sunny day in Copacabana

Sunny day in Copacabana

Sunny day in Copacabana.
Sunny day in Copacabana.

Un après-midi sous le signe du soleil, sable chaud de Copacabana et bonne humeur! Après avoir appris quelques mots clés en portugais sur le Beach Volley, les parties endiablées se sont enchaînées; beaucoup de fous rire et un peu de concentration quand même 😉 avec les autres étudiants de Rio and Learn. On s´est même pris pour des acteurs le temps d´une petite vidéo que l´on a fait tous ensemble! A refaire vite !

Céline Menouret, France.

Nothing better than spending a sunny day in Copacabana. We gather in Rio & Learn which is very close to the beach and went to play beach volley. At first it seemed that the game would not have a good technical level, because everyone told they did not know to play. But students only needed some basic explanations to learn to play.

SAM_1285 Rio & Learn SAM_1286 Rio & Learn SAM_1287 Rio & Learn SAM_1295 Rio & Learn SAM_1300 Rio & Learn SAM_1301 Rio & Learn

Along the matches, the students of Rio & Learn took the opportunity to learn the vocabulary of beach volleyball and talked a lot about the beach volleyball competition of the Rio Olympics that is happening on Copacabana Beach. It was really fun and the best.. as the day was beautiful and very hot, we finished our RioLIVE! swimming on the beach of Copacabana.
 SAM_1305 Rio & Learn SAM_1310 Rio & Learn SAM_1311 Rio & Learn SAM_1313 Rio & Learn SAM_1315 Rio & Learn SAM_1322 Rio & Learn

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