Sunny Forte do Leme

It was a glorious day, the sun was shining, the beach was packed with revellers and RioLIVE! took advantage of the day by heading the beautiful Forte do Leme. After a delightful 10 min walk to the fort a leisurely 20 min hike, we stood a top of the fort looking across beautiful Rio. Once we took our breath a few poses photos and fed these cute little rat like monkeys, which I was told were called Micos, we headed back and enjoyed a few beverages by the sea.

Mina Samandar, Australia.

Sunny Forte do Leme
Resting after a good ride!

The days have been really sunny in Rio de Janeiro lately, this is the perfect weather to visit the sunny Forte do Leme with RioLIVE! We visited this place which is underrated for many people but offers some of the best views of the city. We started our visit with a small hike through the forest and when we reached the top, everybody could understand the meaning of the best views, while chatting in Portuguese and also meeting some little monkeys that came by to interact and pose for some awesome pictures.

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