Sunny Lagoon in Family

Día Soleado en Petrópolis.

Come to Rio & Learn, this city is very beautiful and alive with brazilian culture . it is very interesting and can be hard at times to learn this language but it is also very entertaining with these funny teachers.

Karl Mueller, Canada

The afternoon is beautiful in Rio's de Janeiro Lagoon.
The afternoon is beautiful in Rio’s de Janeiro Lagoon.

Our Portuguese day was so complete that we finished so tired of discovering new words and places that our bed was like heaven! After and amazing Rio & Immersion course day we went to discover Rio de Janeiro’s lagoon, so we enjoyed our afternoon with a sunny lagoon in family.

Cupid shot us and we fall in love with Rio.
Cupid shot us and we fall in love with Rio.

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Would you like to see how Lagoa and Parque da Catacumba are in person? Come with our RioLIVE! Activities.

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