Sunset at Arpoador

Gringos con la estatua del poeta Drummond en Copacabana y con la estatua con un sombrero.

Sunset at Arpoador

Selvom det var overskyet og der ikke var meget sol, så gjorde det gode selskab med de andre kursister og underviseren, RioLive til Arpoador til en rigtig god oplevelse. Vi fik et par caipirinhas og nød udsigten over Ipanema og Copacabana, som altid er fantasistisk.

Christian Elbaek Christoffersen, Denmark

Sunset at Arpoador

Some great time in Ipanema!

A good tour in Rio de Janeiro is to visit the Forte de Copacabana and then see a beautiful Sunset at Arpoador. The always pleasant weather, even in the summer, makes the experience incredible! The Fort is famous for having received important soldiers, while the Sunset at Arpoador is very charming, worthy of applause.

We walked along the beach, drinking caipirinhas and talking. At Forte, we took pictures with old German cannons and learned a bit of history while we relaxed. At Arpoador, our students did some exercises and rested at Pedra do Arpoador, getting ready for sunset on a cloudy day. Two unique experiences!

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Sunset at Arpoador

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