Arpoador Sunset

Let's enjoy arpoador sunset with us!

Watching the sunset at Arpoador, in Copacabana Neiborhood, for many Cariocas, is part of their lifestyle. But what does Arpoador mean after all? The name Arpoador comes from the fact that, in the past, it was possible to harpoon whales from this place. Thus, historians attribute the origin of the name “Arpoador” to the colonial period. The place was used by fishermen (“arpoadores”) for viewing and later fishing with harpoons. Others also say that the name ”Arpoador”’ came from the aerial observation of it. Some people visualize a person holding an object similar to a harpoon from above!

Meeting 15:00h at Rio & Learn
Costs: 10,00 reais (ticket for the Copacabana Fort)

Guanabara Bay has a few different military points that years ago were used for safety. One of them is Forte de Copacabana, but it is more than just a military base! It sits at the south end of the beach that defines the district of CopacabanaRio de Janeiro. This provides us with amazing views. From there you can see all of the beaches of Copacabana, Forte do Leme, the Sugar Loaf, and even the city of Niterói. If you are interested in history, the base is open to the public and contains the Museum of Army History. However, if relaxing is what you are looking for, then you should definitely grab a bite there as well! The confectionery is called Confeitaria Colombo, you’ll be right next to the sea eating amazing food!

On this RioLIVE! Activity we will take a nice walk around the fort. We can enjoy history, the Guanabara Bay views, take amazing pictures together, and speak Portuguese. We will hear some interesting stories about the place as we explore all of its surroundings.

Watching the Sunset at Arpoador

Pôr-do-sol no Arpoador

After visiting the Forte de Copacabana, we will go to Arpoador beach to watch the sunset (pôr-do-sol). Arpoador is located right between Ipanema beach and Copacabana beach. We will go there to see the rocky peninsula and all of its surroundings. Since it is located at the very edge of both neighborhoods, we will be presented with breathtaking views! Praia do DiaboIpanemaCopacabanathe morro of Dois Irmãos, and of course the open sea. After that, we will sit together, relax, chat in Portuguese and await the beautiful sunset with other cariocas around. Once the spectacle is over, we will join cariocas applauding this natural beauty. You simply cannot miss this opportunity!

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