Sunset at Porto Maravilha

Puesta de sol en el Museo del Mañana del Puerto Maravilla.

Am heutigen Mitwoch haben wir das futuristische Museum  “Museo de Amanhã” und die weltberuehmten Graffities “Etnias” besucht. Die Ausfluege und die Anreise mit der U-Bahn, sowie die Rueckreise per Tram und U-Bahn waren aeusserst lehrreich und interessant.

Raymond Vonäsch, Switzerland

Museum of Tomorrow exhibition showing the human impact in the planet.
We care about the environment, but let’s pause for a quick picture 😉

Cariocas don’t like the winter very much because the weather is colder and the sun sets earlier. But because of that, we ended up watching the sunset at Porto Maravilha. When we finished the tour inside the Museum of Tomorrow we came up to a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately our cameras can not capture what our eyes have seen.

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Cameras do not show how beautiful is the sunset at Porto Maravilha.
Cameras do not show how beautiful is the sunset at Porto Maravilha.

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