Surf, Sun and Portuguese

Surf, Sun and Portuguese

Rio & Learn students doing paddle surf
Our students practicing paddle surf in a beautiful sunny day.

Surf and sun are very common in Rio de Janeiro, specially on sunny days. From a Hawaiian origin, the Stand Paddle Surf has become each time more and more popular all over the world. In the beginning, the sport was a work tool, because we call them Beach Boys, people who used to use their long boards to take pictures of the tourists that were surfing. So with a beautiful, hot and sunny afternoon and we headed to Copacabana’s beach to practice this sport. We started our RioLIVE! with a small walk to the Universo Paddle Surf School.

When we got there, the teacher started the class by the theory (in Portuguese), passing all the necessary technique to handle the board and the oar. After that, we went to the sea and started our adventure. The students had great easiness and went until the beginning of Ipanema’s beach. We had a different view of Copacabana’s beach, this time from the sea to the sand. A perfect view that connects the modern buildings with nature. As it was very hot, a nice dive on the sea was very well accepted.

We finished our afternoon drinking some caipirinhas at a quiosque at Copacabana’s shore. It was a very funny and a joyful RioLIVE!. If you look for practicing Portuguese, and have fun at the same time , Rio & Learn Portuguese School is your place, here you can take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.
Our Portuguese students very happy after some surf on the beach.










Finishing our RioLIVE! having some drinks.


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