Surfando em Copacabana

Surfando em Copacabana

Stand up Paddle Sur at Copacabana.
Stand up Paddle Sur at Copacabana.

yesterday we went to learn standup paddle. It was very challanging, the waves were huge. Julian and myself were the only participants. it was totlly great. So glad we had the courage to try it in the crazy huge waves. WOW!

Kevin Kelly, Canada.

Portuguese Students at Copacabana.
Portuguese Students at Copacabana.

Stand up paddle surf is the trendy sport at Copacabana’s beach. So Rio & Learn Portuguese School proposed the Portuguese students an afternoon on the carioca sea. This sport gives a different view of the city, because it is possible to see Copacabana from the sea, a view that many people don’t know. A unique experience that foreigners who come to Brazil must have.

We left the school and went to the paddle surf school where the instructors were ready to explain all the necessary details for our students to have a nice performance. It was a great moment to practice Portuguese. Even with the strong sea, our students weren’t afraid and thought it was really easy even with some falls.

After one hour on the sea, our students were really amazed with the experience and will practice it again surely. If you want to have fun and learn Portuguese at the same time, Rio & Learn is your place with our RioLIVE! Activities.

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