Surfing and Enjoying in Portuguese

Surfeando y disfrutando en Portugués
Surfing at Copacabana Beach.
A nice afternoon to spend on beach surfing and speaking Portuguese.

Oi! Le stand-up paddle hier était super, eau glacée mais toujours avec une superbe vue. C’était une super fun activité après les cours tout en continuant de pratiquer mon portugais. Beijos Rio & Learn.

Martin Hubert, Belgium.

Foreigners doing paddle surf.
Our Portuguese students doing a great job on the sea!

There are many things to do on the beach. What about surfing and enjoying in Portuguese? That was exactly what our Portuguese students did in this RioLIVE! We enjoyed a cloudy but nice afternoon on the beach doing one of the most popular activities there, stand paddle surf.

They were so confortable with the place that after a quick explanation, they were ready to go into the sea and show how good they are surfing. An awesome way to be surfing and enjoying in Portuguese.

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