Surfing in Brazil

Surfing in Brazil

Relaxing and surfing in Brazil.
Students Relaxing and surfing in Brazil.

Stand-Up Paddle Surf was one of the coolest things we did with RioLIVE! Pablo guided us from the school to the beautiful Copacabana beach, where we all got paddleboards. It was the first time for most of us, and learning to stand up on the ocean was challenging, but super fun! The waves really tested our balance, but it was very easy to get back on if you fell off. Afterwards, we all decided to go and get coconut water and enjoy the sunset over the beach! It was a fantastic time!

Adam Van Gorder, United States.

Let's Stand up Paddle Surf .
Let’s Stand up Paddle Surf .
Last Tuesday our students spent an afternoon surfing in Brazil. The chosen beach was Copacabana, and the chosen surf style was stand up paddle. It was a very sunny afternoon and the students could enjoy a completely different view of Copacabana, since this time they could see it from the water. Besides that it was possible to see the Sugar Loaf from an entirely new angle, and those who had waterproof cameras could register this moment on pictures, and those who didn’t, have this moment forever printed in their minds.
The Stand up paddle surf has been growing a lot in Brazil, and in Copacabana it is very common to see the cariocas paddling and enjoying the beauty of the city. Our students were very excited with the idea of spending and hour surfing in Brazil. Before starting this RioLIVE!, the students took the time to practice some beach vocabulary. Since we were a big group, the instructors were splitting them into doubles and taking them to the water, and those who were already in helped the ones that were arriving.
Finally they were all very satisfied with this RioLIVE!, because they were having fun and truly enjoying the natural beauties of the Cidade Maravilhosa.
Come have fun and speak Portuguese with the RioLIVE! activities!
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