Paddle Surfing in Copa

Paddle Surfing in Copa

Paddle Surfing in Copacabana with Portuguese
Ready to surf in Copa.

SUP in der Copacabana – Wellen, Sonne und ein einzigartige Blick auf die Bucht. Spass pur! Danke RioLIVE! alles perfekt organisiert eine Erfahrung die man auf jedenfall nicht verpassen darf! DANKE!

Anne-Isabelle, Germany.

Paddle surf in Copa. Having fun and practicing Portuguese at Copacabana Beach
Time to surf!

What about Paddle Surfing in Copa. In Rio de Janeiro there are lots of activities that you can do, Paddle Surfing in Copa is one the best and most popular around here. So, in our RioLIVE! Activity at this time, our Portuguese students had the opportunity to practice Stand Paddle Surf on the beach of Copacabana. Our students from Argentina, England and Germany took part in this RioLIVE! with us.

We started our activity on the beach and the students listened the paddle surf instructor really attentively to get all the necessary information. It was really important for them to have these instructions since for many of them, it was the first time doing paddle surf.

IMG_20170124_154158370 Rio & Learn IMG_20170124_154333964 Rio & Learn IMG_20170124_154341789 Rio & Learn IMG_20170124_154524761 Rio & Learn

After listening all the instructions, they were ready to go to the sea and do some Paddle Surfing in Copa. The sea had some strong waves but it wasn’t a problem for them, they could practice it and have a very good performance with their boards.

IMG_20170124_154911909 Rio & Learn IMG_20170124_154943778 Rio & Learn IMG_20170124_155001881 Rio & Learn IMG_20170124_155007414 Rio & Learn IMG_20170124_155044206 Rio & Learn IMG_20170124_162519183 Rio & Learn IMG_20170124_162628859 Rio & Learn IMG_20170124_162713980 Rio & Learn

At the end, they were really happy and satisfied with this RioLIVE! and will come back for more next time. What about you? Come to Rio & Learn and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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