Surprises Among Trees: Monkeys

Exploring Parque Lage: Enchantments

Parque Lage was a great no-cost outing where we got to explore a beautiful park with views of Cristo Redentor, interesting architecture and landscapes, and also meet some of the local residents of the park (monkeys!). We explored the various paths, surrounded by native Brazilian flora and fauna and finished off grabbing a snack from the kiosk nearby.

Katie Andrews, New Zealand

We had an amazing visit to Parque Lage, where natural beauty blends with the tranquility of the gardens. The students were enchanted by the fun and surprise of spotting monkeys playing among the trees. It was a unique opportunity to appreciate the serenity of the place and connect with nature. Everyone became really interested, especially in the beauty, tranquility, and, of course, the lovely monkeys.

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