Sweet Forró

Diez estudiantes extranjeros en una tienda de productos nordestinos en la Feria de San Cristóbal de Río de Janeiro.

Fuimos a la Feria de São Cristovão y vimos como se divierten los locales bailando Forro. También probamos la famosa Moqueca y tomamos caipirinha y cervezas en una “Barraca”!

Michelle Vaca, Ecuador

Sweet Forró. Feira de São Cristóvão. Three foreign students of Portuguese with the Luiz Gonzaga statue.
Students say hello to Luiz Gonzaga <3

There’s something magic about São Cristóvão’s fair that we can’t precise.. Maybe it’s the sweet Forró that plays all night long. Or the beautiful northeastern crafts that we can find at the stores. Or even the good typical food that we can get there. Either way, going on an nice RioLIVE! activity at the São Cristóvão’s fair is always a sweet Forró experience !

Enjoy other beautiful pictures at our Facebook page >> and sweet Forró to you !

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Sweet Forró. Forró trio playing Forró music at Feira de São Cristóvão.
Forró Trio lifting everyone’s spirits

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