Sweets at Confeitaria Colombo

Sweets at Confeitaria Colombo

Portuguese students visiting Confeitaria Colombo
Portuguese students visiting Confeitaria Colombo

We had a great visit to the Confeitaria Colombo in the Centro area of Rio de Janeiro. The interior of the building is stunning, enormous mirrors with beautifully carved and a stunning stained glass roof and worth a visit on its own. And then there are the cakes – I chose a Pastel de Nata (or Pastel de Belem) and it was the best one I´d had outside of a cafe in Belem in Lisbon. But I still suffered massive food envy when a fellow student´s slice (although wedge would be a more accurate description) of Brigadeiro (an amazingly moist looking chocolate cake) arrived. 

Iain Beauchamp, England.

Hungry Japanese Portuguese student
Hungry Japanese Portuguese student

Our RioLIVE! at this time was nice visit at the centenary Confeitaria Colombo (Colombo’s Bakery). Founded in 1869, this bakery was elected as one of the most beautiful cafes of the world. Its European architecture brings a little bit of Portugal to Brazil. Many people call it “A piece of Europe at the heart of Rio”. It’s a place that everybody must know, not because of the wonderful gastronomy, but also for passing by many generations, resisting and keeping its style unchanged.

Our Portuguese students also could try the wonderful sweets that the bakery has to offer and also to talk in Portuguese, a lot. It was a very funny RioLIVE!. If you want to study Portuguese, have fun and see interesting places in Rio de Janeiro, Rio & Learn is your place taking part in our RioLIVE! Activities


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