Talking at Parque Lage

Talking at Parque Lage

Talking at Parque Lage.
Talking at Parque Lage.

Yesterday we visited Parque lage. We travelled there by bus viewing the different neighbourhoods along the way. Parque lage is a beautiful park near to the Botanical gardens with an aquarium, views of Christ the Reedemor and long winding paths on which you can relax, chat and enjoy the nature. We got to practice our Portuguese while being in nature. Perfeito.

Neil Roche, Ireland.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon talking at Parque Lage. Our RioLIVE! started with us analyzing the architecture of the Escola de Artes Visuais, a very good place to see works of art being made at that very moment. Students enjoyed a lot the architecture of the place and we took many photos.

sam_3723-rio-learn sam_3724-rio-learn sam_3725-rio-learn sam_3726-rio-learn sam_3727-rio-learn

Later then, we went to the Parque to appreciate the nature. Students took the moment to ask questions about Portuguese. Our RioLIVE! became an extension of the classe they had in the morning. It was a really fun afternoon and it was great to practice Portuguese with the nature’s fresh air.

sam_3728-rio-learn sam_3729-rio-learn sam_3730-rio-learn sam_3731-rio-learn sam_3732-rio-learn sam_3736-rio-learn sam_3742-rio-learn

Meet Rio & Learn and take part on our RioLIVE! activities. You’ll have tons of fun and Portuguese at the same time.

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