Teacher’s day in Brazil

15 de October de 2013

Dia dos professores. A Dica do Dia, Free Portuguese classes from Rio de Janeiro by Rio&Learn Portuguese School. Hello dear friends! This Dica is very special, because we are celebrating Teacher’s day in Brazil!

Origin of Teacher’s day in Brazil

On October 15, 1827, the then emperor D. Pedro I instituted a decree to create Elementary Education in Brazil. In this way, schools were set up across the country. The law required the school to teach reading, writing and a some math calculation for boys and girls. In addition to that, the decree established a regulation of the contents to be taught and the working conditions of the teachers.

When is the holiday in Brazil?

Days of the week Date Month Year
Tuesday 15 October 2019
Thursday 15 October 2020
Friday 15 October 2021
Saturday 15 October 2022
Sunday 15 October 2023
Tuesday 15 October 2024
Wednesday 15 October 2025
Thursday 15 October 2026
Friday 15 October 2027
Sunday 15 October 2028
Monday 15 October 2029

How to celebrate the Teacher’s Day in Brazil?

The Teacher’s Day is a national holiday only for schools. In Brazil, is common to celebrate this date by giving chocolate, fruits, cute letters to our professors. The teacher’s day is a very important day, because it shows respect and recognition that we have for our masters for all the work and knowledge that they give us.

Did you know that one of the most famous movies in Brazil is about a teacher? Fernanda Montenegro plays a teacher who works writing letters for illiterate people at Central do Brasil, Rio. Want to know more? Check out our Dica about the Best Brazilian Movies.Β 

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