Our Portuguese Teachers in Rio de Janeiro

All of the teachers at Rio & Learn are university-educated, native Brazilians. They are all experienced Portuguese teachers living here in Rio de Janeiro. Our programs follow specific activities and well-defined methods to ensure that teachers always follow the school’s dual methodology of Funlearning and Livelearning.

To achieve this, all of our teachers are dynamic and continually encourage students to participate in classes. Teachers are our key asset, so they receive regular evaluations to enhance your experience and their development.

Luciano Cunha

The geekiest part of Rio & Learn, Luciano is really fun and completely insane (in a good way)! A former member of the military, Luciano found his place in teaching. He started as a volunteer in a Favela and later became an English teacher. Now, he can’t see himself away from the classroom. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, he’s a typical Carioca and will help you with anything you need. He’s about to graduate from college with a degree in Portuguese/English language. He’s a grammar maniac, but loves talking about everything, especially movies or video games!

Teacher of Portuguese for foreigners in Rio de Janeiro.

Diogo Gonçalves

Diogo, one of our Portuguese teachers in Rio de Janeiro, fell so in love with his profession that he also works as an English teacher. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, he is about to graduate with a degree in Portuguese and English. He likes to go out and meet new people, as well as doing something spontaneous to leave the routine behind. If you want to have a nice conversation about soccer, MMA, jiu-jitsu or punk/metal music, he’s your guy. He is a communicative person and his classes are really fun. You’ll see him a lot in our RioLIVE! activities, a great opportunity to practice Portuguese while you live in the city!

Brazilian teacher from Rio de Janeiro.

Igor Severo

Igor is our Academic Coordinator and also a Portuguese teacher. He studied Portuguese, English, and Literature. He has been a teacher for more than 9 years, and a coordinator for more than 7 years. Igor has a great pedagogical background from both inside and outside of the classroom. He received a series of trainings on language teaching methods in addition to professional development workshops.

He loves watching movies and also has a special love for craft beer. Because of the heat of the city, there’s nothing better than a cold and tasty beer.

Henrique Castrioto

Henrique is the gym rat of the team! He thinks of himself as the strongest teacher in the world. A former English teacher with a teacher’s training certificate from Cambridge, he’s been teaching for eight years now. He also lived for a couple years in England.
Henrique participates in Strongman competitions and he’s your guy for anything gym or bodybuilding related.
A big guy but with a soft heart and passion for teaching the language, he also shows up at some RioLIVE! Activities once in a while to tell you funny stories while drinking some beers and write for Masterra.com!