Terms, conditions and cancellation policy

How to register The registration can be made through Rio & Learn website: www.rioandlearn.com.ย Fill the registration form selecting the chosen options: courses, accommodation, dates. Pay with your credit card through our website with safety (you need also to confirm if the payment was made using the paypal). When we receive your form, you will receive an email confirming your purchase and also a receipt. Reimbursement and Cancellation Policy To cancel a program, you must send an email to admin@rioandlearn.com.ย The cancellation will be official only if Rio & Learn receives the email. Rio & Learn applies the following reimbursement policies:

  • If cancelling 15 days or more before your starting date, you will receive a reimbursement of 50% of your course paid and also 50% of your accommodation.
  • If canceled 14 days or less before your starting date, you wonโ€™t receive any amount back.
  • If postponing the course, or doing any change 7 days in advance or less, a fee of 500 reais will be charged to pay the extras costs of this sudden change.
  • Any cancellation done after the previous postponing of the beginning of the course means that the amount paid previously wonโ€™t be paid back.
  • Postponing or cancelling the course once youโ€™ve already started means that the client doesnโ€™t have the right to receive any reimbursement for course and accommodations paid.
  • Students wonโ€™t be refunded in case of failing or missing the classes of the hired.
  • It is not possible to change the course if the new hired course has a cheaper price comparing with the course hired initially.
  • Any course change done with 7 days or less in advance before the beginning of the course, will involve an additional cost of 500 reais to pay extra administrative costs.
  • The requested refunds, due to the not conformity with the quality of your program will be considered only if the client follows the following procedure: Making a complaint explaining why you are not satisfied with the program and send it toย admin@rioandlearn.com.
  • Rio & Learn will investigate the facts to enforce the studentโ€™s complains. If Rio & Learn believes the studentโ€™s complaints are justified, Rio & Learn will give back the price paid by the student for the course.
Offers /Special Promotions In case of proposals or discounts, they wonโ€™t be accumulated and will be under availability. Discounts are only for normal courses that appear on the web, not for courses that Rio & Learn may create.

Holidays In weeks with a national holiday, the class is recuperated in the same week by adding one (or two) hour to each class during the same week.ย In the event where two days of national holiday fall in the same week, we can only recuperate one day.

Extra costs RioLIVE activities! RioLIVE! Activities are not organized by Rio & Learn. A teacher accompanies the students making them practice Portuguese with each other while enjoying the activity. If it is not organized by Rio & Learn students will have to pay for some costs that might be included in the activities (tickets to visit landmarks, museums etc.) The costs will be announced on the website every week along with the activities and free activities if necessary. The prices established by Rio & Learn doesnยดt include other costs that the students may have at their discretion.

Studentโ€™s behavior All the students need to know that once they are in Brazil, They must respect the Brazilian law. Rio & Learn is able to expel any student without refunding the money in case of arresting or being accused by any local authority, regardless the judgement result. Rio & Learn will also expel any student who is caught for a Rio & Learn member or student violating local laws. Rio & Learn demands that all students come with health insurance that covers them during their stay in Brazil. The school is not responsible for any medical emergency, accidents or diseases contracted during their stay in Brazil. Rio & Learn is compromised in case of a medical emergency, police emergency, or any other big incident to communicate with any contact left by the student in the application form. Any cost occurred by Rio & Learn in case of the student didnโ€™t follow the rules above will be the studentโ€™s responsibility. Documentation It will be studentโ€™s responsibility to get the right documents to enter the country and also traveling through it. They have to verify what is necessary to enter the country. Rio & Learn tries to help students with this process but it is totally their responsibility. Most of the countries demand a tourist visa and not a student visa for those who want to learn a new language while traveling. However, the student must say that the reason of the stay in the country is tourism, not studying. The same happens in Brazil.

Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Insurance Requirements I take part of this course in a voluntary way. I assume that the trip to Brazil, where I will study, also involves the possibility of finding dangerous situations and potential risks such as: personal damages, robbery, diseases, social instability, crimes, terrorism acts, natural disasters and other different dangerous events. I declare that I know accommodationโ€™s conditions, feeding and restrooms will be different than the ones I am used in my country. I know that any activity done by me outside the school is not associated to Rio & Learn school and I exempt it of the responsibility for the consequences and events that may happen. I declare to Rio & Learn that I am in perfect physical and mental condition and that I can take part voluntarily of its courses aware about the risks involved in my trip to Brazil. I accept and take all the known and unknown risks that may happen during my trip and stay in Brazil. I exempt Rio & Learn Portuguese school, its employees, directors, agents or any person who work in the school of all or any responsibility for damage, accident, death, action or judgement, including costs, fees and expenses with lawyers that I may have now or in the future, in a direct or indirect way during my stay in Brazil and my participation at Rio&Learnโ€™s courses. I allow the school to use for commercial, marketing or publicity purposes any item that I took part like writings, pictures, videos, sound recordings, activities or any material that I took part, in the school or in any activity, where Rio & Learn or any of their staff took part.

Travel and medical insurance I declare that I was advised by Rio & Learn the obligation of having a health and travel insurance to cover medical expenses, medical transportation, accidental death and repatriation of the body for the period that I am in Brazil and taking part of the schoolโ€™s activities and courses by Paperwritings.com. Itโ€™s my responsibility to ensure that my insurance covers all those cases.

Last points If some point is considered invalid, the rest of the document will be considered valid and will be done as far as the law allows it to do. If there is any judicial action related to this document, both parts will have to meet in at the Rio de Janeiroโ€™s state central court for the trial. The maximum permanency at the accommodations offered by the school will be 1 week after last class day, therefore, after 1 week of the studentโ€™s last class at school he/she will be obligated to leave the accommodation.