Thank you in Portuguese

28 de November de 2017

Hi friends! Excited to learn Portuguese today? In this Dica we will teach you how to say thank you in Portuguese, you are welcome in Portuguese and thank God in Portuguese too! Lots to learn today! Ready? Let’s go!

Thanks in Portuguese

Want to know how to say thank you in Portuguese? To begin with, check out this list with the most formal and informal ways of saying it:

Agradecido/a I’m grateful Formal
Grato/a I’m thankful Formal
Muito obrigado/a Thank you very much Normal
Obrigado/a Thank you Normal
Obrigadinho/a Thanks Informal
Brigado/a Thanks Informal
Brigadão Thanks a lot Informal
Valeu Thanks Very informal

Now let’s take a look at this video to understand better how to give thanks in Portuguese. Don’t forget to turn the subtitles on if you need them:

In Portuguese, a man should say Obrigado or Brigado, and a woman should say Obrigada or Brigada, for example. It varies according to the gender of the person that is speaking. Also, we often erase the first o from obrigado/a. Easy, right?

Now let’s see some of these words applied in real life situations:

How to say Thank You in Portuguese. Greg: Obrigado!


Greg: Oi, eu quero um pingado, por favor.
Atendente: Aqui está.
Greg: Obrigado.

Greg: Hi, I want a pingado, please.
Atendente: Here it is.
Greg: Thank you.

How to say thank you in Portuguese. Derek: Valeu!


Derek: Luana, você pode me emprestar R$1?
Luana: Toma aqui. Mas vê se devolve, hein!
Derek: Valeu!

Derek: Can  I borrow R$1?
Luana: Here it is. But give it back to me!
Derek: Thanks!

How to thank someone in Portuguese

When you want to thank people for a specific thing that they did to you, you can say thank you in Portuguese + for + what are you thankful for.


Obrigada por me ajudar a estudar português em 30 dias.
Thank you for helping me study Portuguese in 30 days.

Obrigado pelo presente, eu gostei muito.
Thank you for the gift, I really liked it.

Notice that we used the preposition por and its contraction pelo. We can also use all of its contractions: pelo, pela, pelos and pelas.

Thank God in Portuguese

When we are glad that something happened, we can say thank God in Portuguese using graças a Deus. We use this expression a lot, even without a religious sense. But y ou can also use the same expression if you do actually want to thank Him, in a religious sense.


Graças a Deus você conseguiu comprar a casa.
Thank God that you were able to buy the house.

We can also use graças a alguém (thanks to someone) meaning due to someone. So, if you learned Portuguese in Brazil and you are very happy and thankful, you can say:

Graças à Rio & Learn eu aprendi português.
Thanks to Rio & Learn I learned Portuguese.

You are welcome in Portuguese

Let’s learn how to reply to thank you in Portuguese with this list:

Não há de quê You’re welcome Formal
Por nada You’re welcome More formal
De nada You’re welcome Normal
Obrigada/o você Thank you Normal
Sem problemas No problem Informal
Tranquilo That’s ok Informal

When someone says thank you, but you think they are the ones who should be thanked, you say obrigado/a você.


Fábio: Obrigada pela conversa!
Jane: Não, obrigada você. Foi ótimo.

Fábio: Thanks for the conversation!
Jane: No, thank you. It was great.

Now that you know how to thank someone in Portuguese, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to watch more video Dicas!

Kisses and hugs from Brazil.

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