What is Açaí. Portuguese Student eating Açaí

Hi, guys! Today in our Dica we’re checking out this famous and delicious fruit! Really common in Brazil and eaten throughout the whole country! But what is Açaí?

What is Açaí

The açaí palm is a type of tree cultivated for its fruits, called berries or just Açaí. Mostly native to Brazil, but you can also find it in northern america in swamps or foodplains.
The name comes from the Tupi language and it means crying fruit, referring to the juice extracted from the fruits.

An açaí palm tree filled with fruits in a forest

Uses of Açaí

It’s mainly used for smoothies or an Ice-cream like sweet, usually mixed with Guaraná syrup to amplify its sweetness, but it’s also found in juices, alcoholic drinks, cakes, pies. Also the palm leaves and seeds can be used to make clothes, hats and all sorts of things.

In the northern parts of Brazil it’s eaten as a side-dish to seafood together with cassava flour.
And the smoothies made with fruits’ berries can also be filled with other sweets, fruits and a variety of syrups.



What is açaí. Açaí in a bowl and in a cup filled with adds

Benefits of Açaí

  • Antioxidant: As many fruits, it also helps build your immune system, leaving you more protected.
  • Fiber: Full of fiber, its berries not only help make your trips to the bathroom more regular, it controls the sugar levels in your blood.
  • Good for your heart: It helps lowering the risk heart failure and improves your cholesterol.
  • Calcium: It’s perfect for keeping your bones strong
  • Energetic: It’s a great pick-me-up for when you’re feeling tired of fatigued.

Amazing, right?
Now check out one of our students opinion on Açaí:

And that’s it, guys! Come to Rio de Janeiro and enjoy the strain of varieties of Açaí in our beautiful streets!
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