The Açaí Berry

The Açaí Berry. Student talking about the origin of the açaí and its taste.

Hi, I’m Ofir, I’m from Israel. I came here to Rio de Janeiro to learn Portuguese and Zouk. I’m studying Portuguese in Rio & Learn and today I’m gonna talk about Açaí.

Açaí is a fruit from the jungle, from the Açaí Palm, that’s the name of the tree. It looks like little black berries, really really small and can make lots os stuffs.

You can make sort of a smoothie. Yeah! Sort of a smoothie. You can make a sauce for meat, that is more typical in the north of Brazil than in the south.

It tastes like, huumm, one second. Huumm!

I don’t think it tastes like anything, it’s like… it’s a unique taste just for the açaí. It’s a bit bittersweet… bittersweet taste, very very good.

Ok so, I recommend you to at least taste the Açaí and see if you’ll like it. You probably will. Subscribe to our YouTube page!

See you next time!

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