Asking for the bill in Portuguese. Aqui está seu comprovante.

What’s up, people? On our Dica today, we’ll learn different ways of asking for the bill in Portuguese.

How to ask for the bill in Portuguese

There are many ways of asking for the bill in Portuguese and here is a list for you:

A conta, por favor! The bill, please!
Pode trazer a conta, por favor? Can I have the bill, please?
Traz a conta, por favor! Bring the bill, please!
Fecha a conta, por favor! Settle the bill, please!
Pode fechar a conta, por favor? Can you settle the bill, please?
Fecha para mim, por favor! We are ready for the bill, please!
Eu gostaria de pagar, por favor. I’d like to pay the bill, please.

Of course you need to call the waiter when asking for the bill in Portuguese.  We recommend you take a look at our Dica about how to call the waiter in Portuguese.

Now, let’s take a look at three short dialogues that show how we can ask for and pay for the bill:

Paying with debit card

Cliente: Garçom, a conta, por favor!
Garçom: Claro, senhor! Aqui está. Qual a forma de pagamento: débito ou crédito?
Cliente: Débito. Pode trazer a maquininha?
Garçom: Aqui está. Digite sua senha, por favor. Aqui está seu comprovante.
Cliente: Obrigado!
Garçom: De nada! Volte sempre!

Client: Waiter, the bill, please!
Waiter: Of course, sir! Here it is. How will you pay: debit or credit?
Client: Debit. Can you bring the card reader?
Waiter: Here it is. Put in your password, please. Here is your receipt.
Client: Thank you!
Waiter: You are welcome! See you soon!

Paying with credit card

Cliente: Amigão, a conta, por favor!
Garçom: Pois não! Qual a forma de pagamento?
Cliente: Cartão.
Garçom: Crédito ou débito?
Cliente: Crédito.
Garçom: O senhor vai querer sua via do comprovante?
Cliente: Não precisa. Obrigado.
Garçom: De nada!

Client: Hey buddy, the bill, please!
Waiter: Sure! How will you be paying today?
Client: Card.
Waiter: Credit or debit?
Client: Credit.
Waiter: One more thing, will you want the copy of your receipt, sir.
Client: Not necessary, Thank you!
Waiter: You are welcome!

Paying in cash

Cliente: Moça, pode trazer a conta, por favor?
Garçonete: Qual a forma de pagamento?
Cliente: Nós vamos pagar em dinheiro. Qual é o total?
Garçonete: Claro. São R$ 46,00.
Cliente: Aqui tem R$ 50,00. Pode ficar com o troco.
Garçonete: Obrigado e voltem sempre.

Client: Excuse me ma’am, can you bring the bill, please?
Waitress: How would you like to pay?
Client: We are going to pay in cash. What is the total?
Waitress: Of course. It’s R$ 46,00.
Client: Here it is, R$ 50,00. You can keep the change.
Waitress: Thank you very much! See you soon.

Tipping in Brazil

The tip in Brazil is already included in the bill; normally a10% charge is added. People are not obligated to give any extra money to the waiters, but although one is not obligated to do it, it is normal to tip in Brazilian culture. It is very uncommon for people not to pay the 10% and is frowned upon in Brazil.

That’s it, everybody! We have just learned different ways of asking for the bill in Portuguese. How about going to a restaurant right now to practice a little bit?

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See you next time, beautiful people!
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Bill in Portuguese Vocabulary

A conta The bill
Forma de pagamento Type of payment
Débito Debit
Crédito Credit
Maquininha Card machine / Card Reader
Senha Password
Comprovante Receipt
Cartão Card
Sua via Your copy
Dinheiro Cash
Ficar com o troco Keep the change


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