The Capoeira Return!

The Capoeira Return. Practicing Capoeira with RioLIVE!

Rio & Learn’s capoeira class is a fantastic experience to have fun, learn about its history, participate in some exercises and practice Portuguese.

Scott Bryson, England

Gingando com Capoeira.

A lot of RioLIVE! Activities are returning this week. So it was time for the capoeira return! This is one of our best activities and our Portuguese students loved it. Besides being a type of martial art, Capoeira is also a mixture of dancing, history and culture since it was created by the slaves in past to defend themselves. The instructor showed us movements, taught us how to play, sing and little bit of its history. A great way for the Capoeira return!

Playing Capoeira instruments

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Exercising and stretching with Capoeira

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