The colorful flavors of Santa Teresa

The colors of Yemanjá Sereia

Santa Teresa is a very memorable experience and beautiful town. The trendy and antique architecture immediately catches your attention and is a great opportunity to explore the area. Our professor Verena was great and took us to a traditional restaurant for feijoada and drinks. After that we explored more of the town and saw amazing views of the city!

Jack Lauer, United States.

Feijoada e caipirinha

In a traditional neighborhood like Santa Teresa, we couldn’t help but try the local flavors. Feijoada and Caipirinha are always the best options. But this time, the students were able to experience a taste of their childhood in Rio: the tamarind candy! It’s pretty sour, but they loved it!

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On our way down to the lapa by the Selarón staircase

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