The expression Café com Leite in Portuguese

26 de April de 2016

The expression Café com Leite in Portuguese

The expression Café com Leite in Portuguese. Diogo é café com leite. In Português, besides being a drink, café com leite is used to represente someone that is very bad in something, so bada that his or her friends wouldn't even count him or her in. Diogo is café com leite at dancing samba (and maybe other styles too). It means that he is very bad at it.

Hi everyone!
I’m Angélica Garcia. I’m from Colombia but I live in Chile. I’m 21 years old and I’m studying here in Rio & Learn, in Brazil and we are going to see the expression Café com Leite. This expression in Portuguese means that you are really really bad in something, like and activity, like sports or something that many people know but you can’t. So, café com leite is like that.

So now we are going to see some examples of people that are really bad, that they are café com leite.

Examples of the expression Café com Leite in Portuguese

O Igor é café com leite!
Igor is café com leite!

Elas são café com leite!
They are café com leite!

Andrea: O Diogo é café com leite!
Diogo: Sou nada!
Andrea: Diogo is café com leite!
Diogo: No, I’m not!

And you guys? Are you café com leite in something? Tell us what!
We hope you like this Dica and see you on our next one!

Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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