The expression Eu, hein! in Portuguese

The expression Eu, hein! in Portuguese. Eu, hein! is used when you see or hear something strange or something you don't like.

Hello! My name is Tristan.
I’m from Germany and at the moment I’m studying at the Rio & Learn school and the A Dica do Dia today is the expression Eu, hein!

The expression is used when you see something which you don’t like.

Situation 1

Tristan: Você gosta do café com muito açúcar?
Pablo: Sim!
Tristan: Eu, hein!

Tristan: Do you like coffee with so much sugar? 
Pablo: Yes! 
Tristan: Yuck!

Situation 2

Tristan: Você só usa dois dedos?
Pablo: Sim! Por que não?
Tristan: Eu, hein!

Tristan: Do you only use two fingers? 
Pablo: Yeah! Why not? 
Tristan: What the heck!

That’s it!
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