The final vowels in Portuguese

The final vowels in Portuguese. As vogais finais em Português. O cachorro está alegre.

Hi Guys!  In our Video Dica today, we are going to  learn the sounds of the final vowels in Portuguese.

What’s up guys, are you ok?
Well, I am Moisés Coordinator here at Rio & Learn Portuguese School. And today, our Video Dica is going to talk about the final vowels in Portuguese. So let’s understand here a little bit.
In Portuguese, the words ended in E and O, usually have a variation in relation to their loudness, then, the sound E becomes I; the sound O, becomes U.
Let’s see here some words in which the final vowels change. Let’s go!
Well, the sound E, in the sound I. For example, this word here: Cidade (city). We, Brazilians, we don’t say in general cidadE, we say cidadI; dente (tooth), idade (age), ponte (bridge), cabine (cabin), arte (art), pane (breakdown), Aline (person’s name), esse (this), aquele (that), then, the sound E, became I, in the end of each one of these words. I am going to repeat each word one more time for you to realize what happened. So let’s go: cidade, dente, idade, ponte, cabine, arte, pane, Aline, esse, aquele. Well, let’s see another situation when the sound O, becomes U. We have here: menino (boy), carro (car), moto (motorcycle), ponto (point), moro (from the verb ‘morar’ = to live), campo (field), gato (cat), cachorro (dog), momento (moment), equilíbrio (balance).
Well, let’s read one more time: menino, carro, moto, ponto, moro, campo, gato, cachorro, momento, equilí­brio.
Well, so today, we saw a very fast Dica,  but it is only for us to know a little bit more about the vowels in Portuguese. Well, so we are going leave here one more time all of our contacts, all of them are, here, Skype to take any doubt about the school. It’s also here our website and the social networks that we use, where you can follow us, you can see our Dicas, you can also be in contact with us and know many things about the school, about the wonderful city. So we leave here a big carioca hug for all of you and we see each other soon. Big hug everybody!

Bye, bye!

Now, we know how the final vowels work in Portuguese.

See you, guys!

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