The Forró Joy

La alegría del forró en nuestra clase de forró en Rio & Learn.

We had so much fun, with lots of laughter.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and look forward to using our newly learnt forró skills. I can’t wait to dance it again!

Marea Lanham, Australia

The Forró Joy
Everybody getting ready!

Many people say that dancing is joy, our Portuguese students tried the forró joy, then. A very popular Brazilian rythm that came from the Northeastern part of the country and became really popular here in Rio. As usual, their instructor started the class step by step and showing them basic movements. After some minutes, they were already dancing by themselves giving a really good performance.

See more of our Portuguese students learning the forró joy on the video below:

Really cool, isn’t it? We are totally sure that will be trying Forró over and over again!

See more of this afternoon with the forró joy on our Facebook page:

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The Forró Joy

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