The party center!

A night of fun and party at Lapa.

It was Friday night and after a long week we were all ready to let our hair down! We were hitting lapa! We started the night under the bright lights of lapa arches, getting our caipirinhas and cervejas from the little stalls there. It was a good warm up but then it was on to the pubs and clubs. We went to a place that I have no idea what the name was but we entered and soon after the music started. After about 5/10 minutes the place was packed, everyone singing and dancing their hearts out to samba. The energy was amazing. The beers were flowing and everyone was enjoying themselves. After we’d enjoyed the sound of the samba, we headed onto a club with some funk music to get the party really going, the drinks were non stop, the party went deep into the night and I think everyone had a great night!

Ross Garwood, United Kingdom

Rode de samba na Lapa - RJ

Lapa is the party center in Rio if you want to have a night of fun! So our students and their teacher got together for an evening of fun, dance, drinks and lots of Portuguese language interaction since they were willing to talk and make friends with the cariocas there. A great evening at the party center!

Drinks at Lapa

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