Thirteenth Salary in Brazil

Thirteenth Salary in Brazil
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Today A Dica do Dia will talk about the thirteenth salary in Brazil and how it works.

The thirteenth salary is a right granted to all employees by the law number 4.09 and consists of a payment of an extra salary by the end of each year.

In the year of 1962, through the so President, João Goulart, also known as Jango, this bonus was approved and became mandatory all around the country, ensuring that all employees with their carteiras registered in the CLT regime, such as retired and pensioners could receive an amount corresponding to 1/12 (one twelfth) of the worked months in the month of  December.

How to calculate the thirteenth salary

We can say that the payment of the thirteenth salary depends on the length of working time of the person in the company and the salary received by them related to the work they do for the company. The thirteenth salary is calculated on the employee’s salary through the following formula:

Thirteenth Salary in Brazil. Cálculo do Décimo Terceiro

For instance, if one works in the same company for 5 months and receives a salary worth R$ 1200,00 a month, the calculation will be: 1200 ÷ 12 x 5 = 500. So R$ 500, 00 will be the amount relating to one’s thirteenth salary, not including taxes.

The employer can pay the salary in maximum of two installments. The first one must be paid between the months of February and November of each year, or in case of vacation and the second one must be paid by December 20th.

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