Time Flies with RioLIVE!

Visita ao Museu da República - Rio de Janeiro.

היום השני שלי בבית הספר היה נהדר. אני מאוד אוהב את השיעורים ושאנחנו מדברים על הכל. כולם ממש נחמדים והזמן עף RioLIVE! היה מעניין ויפה והיה כיף לבלות עם כולם!

Guy Klinger, Israel

Parque do Get to know Parque do Catete in Rio de Janeiro.

Time flies with RioLIVE! That was the feeling that our students had visiting Parque do Catete in this RioLIVE! We had the chance to see the museum inside the old President’s official residency when Rio was the Brazilian Capital. We also enjoyed the nature outside the building in a big park where people can relax, walk and see how time flies with RioLIVE! when you are speaking and learning more Portuguese, visiting nice places and having fun with your classmates!

Alunos na Excursão no Palácio do Catete

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