Houses in Portuguese

2 de October de 2014

What’s up, people? Are you ready to learn Portuguese?
Today we are going to see different types of houses in Portuguese. Can you repeat after me?

Houses in Portuguese

Types of houses in Portuguese. The house: A casa.

Casas are really common in Brazil. They are spacious and have a yard around it or a backyard. You’ll usually find two or three bedrooms in it.

Typical houses in Brazil. The studio apartment: A quitinete.

Quitinete is a small type of house or apartment made of three rooms only: living room/bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. They are also called studios.

Examples of houses in Portuguese. The beach house: A casa de praia.

Who wouldn’t like to have a house by the beach and have a great time during the summer? The porch of the house is right in front of the sea.

Types of houses in Portuguese. The penthouse: A cobertura.

The apartment on the top floor of the build with a beautiful view of the city is a Cobertura. They are expensive but worth the price.

Examples of houses in Portuguese. The mansion. A mansรฃo.

Mansรฃo is a big and fancy house. Usually the high society and celebrities in Brazil have one. The ones they have in the countryside are just gigantic.

Types of country houses in Portuguese. The hut: A cabana.

Cabana is a small house made of wood mostly found inside a forest. It’s perfect to spend time with family and friends disconnected from the world outside.

Examples of country houses in Portuguese. The cottage: O chalรฉ.

Chalรฉ is a beautiful and cozy house found in hills. Here in Rio de Janeiro for example there are great chalรฉs in Petrรณpolis.

Typical houses in Brazilian cities. The apartment: O apartamento.

There are an infinite variety of apartamentos. Big, small, in front of the beach or not. It all depends on what you are looking for.

Housing in Portuguese. The apart-hotel: O apart-hotel

An apart-hotel is a small building that offers hotel services such as dinning hall and laundry. They are cheaper than hotels.

Different kinds of houses in Portuguese. The loft: O sobrado.

The sobrado is a two-story house. It’s not very big and it’s usually build next to other sobrados.

Names of houses in Portuguese. The castle: O castelo.

Even though Brazil is a big country, we don’t have many castelos. Here in Rio there are three, and one of them you can see during our RioLIVE! to Porto Maravilha.

Low cost houses in Braszil. The shanty: O barraco.

Barraco is a very poor house usually made of sheets of wood and metal. It can be found in distant parts of the country and it’s a construction made by simple people.

Now that you know more about the type of houses we have, how about practicing the sound?

Names of Houses in Portuguese

Vocabulary of Houses in Portuguese

A casa The house
A quitinete The studio apartment
A casa de praia The beach house
A cobertura The penthouse
A mansรฃo The mansion
A cabana The hut
O chalรฉ The cottage
O apartamento The apartment
O apart-hotel The aparthotel
O sobrado The loft
O castelo The castle
O barraco The shanty

Now it’s your turn!

Take a look at the picture below and tell us what types of houses there are in it:

Say the name f the houses according to the pictures. Chalรฉ, Mansรฃo, Quitinete, Apartamento, Castelo, Casa de praia.

And you?
In what type of house do you live or, in what type of house would you like to live?
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We’ll meet again on our next Dica!
Bye bye!

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  1. Cabana
  2. Mansรฃo
  3. Quitinete
  4. Apartamento
  5. Castelo
  6. Casa de praia