Employment Schemes in Brazil. Eu trabalho em tempo integral.

What about working in Brazil?
On our Dica today we are going to see different employment schemes in Brazil and a little about each one of them. There are many types of formal jobs in which the employee has his carteira de trabalho signed by the company and informal. Let’s learn the names of all the schemes:

Employment Schemes in Brazil

Período integral – (Full time) any job in which the employee needs to work at least eight hours a day, depending on the workplace. Usually in hospitals the full time period can have twelve hours.

Meio período – (Part time) is a type of contract in which the employee works from four to six hours a day. Very common among university students who study and work at the same time.

Estágio – (Internship) type of contract in which the employee is still learning the job. Brazilian schools with certificate programs and universities ask their students to fulfill a required amount of internship hours according to the course they study.

Temporário – (Temporary) job done only during some months of the year, in summer for example or in a season of big events like Carnaval or the Olympic Games.

Horista – (Hourly wage) also known as a freelancer, it’s a type of job in which the employee earns a salary related to the worked hours. In this kind of job the employee can work in different places.

Autônomo – (Autonomous) is a type of independent job. This is when a person decides to work by oneself and has no connection to any company.

Bico – (Gig) very similar to the hourly wage. In this type of job the person receives a payment related to the job done. It’s a common job among electricians and plumbers.

Voluntário – (Volunteer) type of job in which the person doesn’t receive any payment.


Contrato de trabalho Employment Scheme
Carteira de trabalho Work permit
Trabalho Job
Trabalhar To Work
Local de trabalho Workplace
Empregado/Trabalhador Employee
Temporada Season
Receber To earn
Salário Salary
Empresa/Compania Company
Pagamento Payment

Alright, people?
During the Olympics in Rio many people had temporary jobs and volunteer work. What is the most common type of employment scheme in your country?

See you on our next Dica, friends!
A big hug from Rio de Janeiro!


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