Toilet in Portuguese

Vocabulario del baño en Portugués: 1 - O vaso sanitário e a descarga (el lavabo o aseo); 2 - Os tapetes (la alfombrilla de baño); 3 - A pia do banheiro (la pila del baño); 4 - O armarinho e o espelho (El armario y el espejo); 5 - A lâmpada (la lámpara); 6 - O chuveiro (la ducha); 7 - A cortina do banheiro (la cortina); 8 - A banheira (la bañera); 9 - O cesto de roupas sujas (el cesto de la ropa sucia).

Hey, how are you? Let’s learn Portuguese! Today we are going to talk about the toilet in Portuguese. When you come to Brazil, I am sure you will need to know everything related to bathroom! It’s one of those important things for when we arrive in a new place and get checked in a hotel. Today you will learn about the objects we have in the bathroom, but also how to say toilet, bathtub and shower in Portuguese. By the end of this class, I am sure you won’t be wondering how to say “Where is the toilet?” in Portuguese!

Useful Bathroom Vocabulary in Portuguese

Now let’s talk about your house: what is your bathroom like? Big? Small? What do you have in it?

Banheiro Toilet / Bathroom

Curiosity: Did you know that, in Portugal, the Portuguese for bathroom is casa de banho. It would mean house of bath, funny right? 😛

Toilet Vocabulary in Portuguese

Do you know how is the pronunciation of shower in Portuguese? Let’s see the items we have in the bathroom in Portuguese:

O vaso sanitário e a descarga Toilet and flush
Os tapetes Mats / Rugs
A pia do banheiro Bathroom sink
O armarinho e o espelho Bathroom cabinet and mirror
A lâmpada Light bulb
O chuveiro Shower
A cortina do banheiro Bathroom curtain
A banheira Bathtub
O cesto de roupas sujas Dirty clothes basket

Toilet Objects in Portuguese

Now let’s learn how to write the names of the different utensils you can find in your bathroom. Do you have all of them in your bathroom right now?

A toalha de rosto Hand Towel
A toalha de banho Bath Towel
O roupão de banho Bathrobe
O sabonete Soap
O sabonete líquido Liquid Soap
A esponja de banho Bath Sponge
O xampu Shampoo
O condicionador Conditioner
A pasta de dente Toothpaste
A escova de dente Toothbrush
O fio dental Dental Floss
O enxaguante bucal Mouthwash
O barbeador Shaver
O creme de barbear Shaving Cream
O papel higiênico Toilet paper
O creme hidratante Moisturizer
Os cotonetes Cotton Swabs
O algodão Cotton
O absorvente Period Pads
O desodorante Deodorant
A pinça Tweezers
A escova de cabelo Hairbrush
O pente Comb
O secador de cabelos Hair Dryer

Toilet Verbal Expressions in Portuguese

Now we will see some verbal expressions! Take a look at those!

ir ao banheiro go to the toilet
fazer xixi to pee
fazer cocô / fazer o número 2 to poop
escovar os dentes brush your teeth
escovar os cabelos brush your hair
tomar banho take a shower
lavar o cabelo wash your hair
passar desodorante apply deodorant
passar fio dental to floss
secar as mãos na toalha dry your hands on the towel
secar o corpo na toalha dry your body on the towel
bochecho com enxaguante bucal mouthwash
limpar o banheiro clean the bathroom

There are other verbs to pee and poop: mijar and cagar. But we really don’t recommend you to use them! They sound very aggressive and unpolite for Brazilians! Perhaps the only exception for using them is if you are joking with someone that you have much intimacy with 😉

Pronunciation Practice for Restroom in Portuguese

Time to practice your pronunciation with our youtube video. Repeat the words after us:

Examples using the Vocabulary

Now, let’s see these vocabularies related to the toilet in the Portuguese language, associated with some structures to form phrases:

A descarga fica no vaso sanitário.
The flush is on the toilet. 

Há dois tapetes no chão do banheiro.
There are two mats on the bathroom’s floor.

Devemos escovar nossos dentes na pia do banheiro.
We must brush our teeth in the sink.

Penteamos nosso cabelo em frente ao espelho.
We comb our hair in front of the mirror.

A pasta de dente e as escovas estão dentro do armário do banheiro.
The tooth paste and the tooth brushes are in the bathroom cabinet.

A lâmpada está ligada.
The light is on.

Tomamos banho no chuveiro.
We take a shower in the shower.

A banheira está com água.
The bath is filled with water.

Devemos colocar as roupas sujas no cesto.
We must put the dirty clothes in the basket.

Where is the Toilet in Portuguese?

One more important thing that we must teach today is how to ask where’s the bathroom in Portuguese. It’s very important to know that and we don’t want you to feel lost when you need to know the Portuguese for toilet. So, check out how we ask this:

Onde é o banheiro? Where’s the toilet?

Be sure that you are pronouncing it properly.

Now it’s your turn!

Match the names of the objects in the bathroom in Portuguese to their descriptions:

1 – Usado para lavar as mãos Lâmpada
2 – Usamos para ver nosso reflexo Pia
3 – Usamos para tomar banho e relaxar Espelho
4 – Usamos para ter luz Toalha
5 – Usamos para secar o corpo Banheira

That’s it. Until the next Dica! We hope to see you very soon, come study Portuguese in Rio!

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1 – Usado para lavar as mãos: pia
2 – Usamos para ver nosso reflexo: espelho
3 – Usamos para tomar banho e relaxar: banheira
4 – Usamos para ter luz: lâmpada
5 – Usamos para secar o corpo: toalha

This post is also available in: English Português (Portuguese) Español (Spanish)

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