Tomar vs beber in Portuguese. Vamos tomar uma caipirinha no Rei do Limão.

Tomar vs Beber in Portuguese

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Today we’ll talk about tomar vs beber in Portuguese. When talking about drinks, which one do you prefer?

Tomar and beber are synonyms when we talk about drinks. So, we can use either one and it’ll have the same meaning. Let’s see some examples with the verb tomar instead of beber:

Tomar instead of beber

O que você toma no almoço? Eu tomo cerveja.
What do you have for lunch? I have beer.

Ela sempre toma suco de laranja fresco quando viaja para o Rio de Janeiro.
She always has fresh orange juice when she comes to Rio de Janeiro.

Vocês tomam café ou chá?
Do you have coffee or tea?

Eles tomaram as caipirinhas que os alunos prepararam na Lapa.
They had caipirinhas that the students made at Lapa.

There are cases where only the verb tomar is acceptable, when we’re not talking about drinks. In these cases it cannot be replaced by the verb beber. Let’s see:

Examples with the verb tomar

Hoje está muito quente. Vou tomar um açaí.
Today it’s too hot. I will have an açaí.

No inverno nós tomamos sopas deliciosas.
In winter we have delicious soups.

Ela toma sol na praia todo fim de semana.
She sunbathes every weekend at the beach.

Por que você não toma um remédio para a dor de cabeça?
Why don’t you take a medicine for headache?

Got it, people?
We learned when to use tomar vs beber in Portuguese. How about we practice some more drinking caipirinhas and taking a little quiz?

Now it’s your turn!

We are preparing some while waiting for you.
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