Torben Grael Olympic Medals

9 de August de 2016

Torben Grael Olympic Medals

Torben Grael Olympic Medals. Torben Grael รฉ o maior medalhista olรญmpico brasileiro!

Water is capable of amazing things.ย You just have to be near it.

This quote belongs to Torben Grael,ย the greatest brazilian medalist.ย Today’s Dica will talk about Torben Grael Olympic medals and his history.

Born in Sรฃo Paulo, Torben and his family moved to Rio de Janeiro,ย where he started sailing with his grandfather at Guanabara bay.ย Later, his friends came up with the nickname Turbina,ย a joke based on his name and because he was very fast with sailboats.

All this speed made Torben an Olympic medals collector.ย A silver medal in 1984 in Los Angeles,ย a bronze medal in 1988 in Seul,ย a gold medal in 1996 in Atlanta,ย a bronze medal in 2000 in Sydneyย and a gold medal in 2004 in Athens.ย He is the brazilian athlete to get the most number of medals in Olympic Games.

Sailing is in Graelย familyย genes.ย Lars Grael, his brother, is also an olympic medalist.ย He’s got a bronze medal in Seul as well, but in a different category, and another one in Atlanta.ย But life is not a bed of roses.ย Lars was away from the sport for twelve years, after an accident in which he lost his leg.ย But as we know, brazilians never give up!ย Lars got back to sailing and was the champion at the Brazilian Championship.

Is it possible for this family to carry so many medals on their necks?

Plus all the medals, Grael family had an important role in the Summer Olympic Games in Rio. They were responsible for bringing the Olympic Torch from Niterรณi to the city of Rio de Janeiro through the Guanabara Bay. Take a look:

[youtube -5Bx_P1z3jI 620 350]

It’s not for everyone, right?
And it’s not the end. Torbin, along with other former athletes such as Oscar Schmidt, had the honor to carry the olympic flag at the opening ceremony in the Rio 2016 Games. So proud!

What about in your countries, friends? Who is the greatest medalist?
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