Tour in Santa Teresa

Tour in Santa Teresa

Beautiful view at Santa Teresa
Beautiful view at Santa Teresa.

Santa Teresa ist ein altes, wunderschoenes Viertel von Rio. Es faehrt noch eine alte Strassenbahn nach oben, wie in Lissabon. Wir sind allerdings mit dem Bus hochgefahren, jedes Mal ein kleines Abenteuer in Rio.. Oben in Santa Teresa steht ein altes herrschaftliches Anwesen, zu einer Ruine verfallen. Von der Dachterasse dieses Hauses hat man eine 360 Grad Rundumsicht auf Rio von oben. Bei gutem Wetter hat man eine traumhafte Aussicht. Dieser RioLIVE! Ausflug ist auf jeden Fall eine Ueberlegung wert!

Lara Gartner, Germany.

Ending our RioLIVE! at our students house
Ending our RioLIVE! at our students house.
Last Friday we had a very fun tour in Santa Teresa. One of the most traditional neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, Santa Teresa still holds a lot of history from the old Rio. Apart from the architecture, the neighborhood has the old tram, that keeps the old style of transportation used decades ago.
Our students were very excited to see the many different places there, so our tour in Santa Teresa had to be complete. We started our RioLIVE! at Largo do Curvelo, where a terrible accident happened with the tram, with fatal victims, which resulted in the closing of the tram. Now it is refurbished as new, safer and more comfortable. After that we walked through the streets of Santa Teresa and went through Chácara do Céu to get to Parque das Ruínas, which is a place used to host many big events for the carioca high society. The place is perfect to take many pictures. The most interesting part is that you have many different landscapes in the same place. On the right side it is possible to see the Sugar Loaf and a lot of nature. On the other side you can see the whole of downtown Rio, which is a more modern view of the city.
To finish our tour of Santa Tereza, nothing better that seeing how it is to live up there. With that in mind we paid a visit to a couple of Rio & Learn students, Sarah and Tobias, that were saying goodbye to the Cidade Maravilhosa. They prepared us a lot of delicious caipirinhas and told us how it is to live in the most traditional neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. In Portuguese, of course! The students also taught us some typical Danish drinking games that got everyone super excited. It was a great way to finish our RioLIVE! Our tour in Santa Teresa was wonderful.
Come have fun and speak Portuguese at the RioLIVE! Activities!
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