Trail and bike at Lagoa

Trail and bike at Lagoa

Beautiful landscape at Parque da Catacumba.
Beautiful landscape at Parque da Catacumba.

El Río secreto. Esta increible ciudad esconde rincones tan bellos y relajantes como alejados de las grandes aglomeraciones. El parque natural y de las Catatumbas  (cementerio sagrado para los indios ) nos ofrece unas espectaculares vista sobre Lagoa, que después disfrutamos recorriendo en bicicleta.

Lourdes Navarro, España.

Cycling at Lagoa.
Cycling at Lagoa.

Yesterday, we had a very funny afternoon. Our RioLIVE! was at the neighborhood of Lagoa. We left the school and we went to Parque da Catacumba, an old indian cemetery. There, it has already been a favela (slum). Nowadays, the park is passing through a process of reforestation and has a beautiful view of Lagoa.

After that, we rode our bikes around Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. Our Portguese students saw some nice places of the city such as Cristo Redentor, Jockey Club etc. It was a very interesting and funny afternoon. What are you waiting for to take part in our RioLIVE! Activities?

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