Tram up Santa Teresa

Tram up Santa Teresa

Me gustó mucho la actividad, me parece muy interesante que se lleven a cabo estas actividades para conocer la ciudad más allá del salón de clases. También me parece un buen momento para la convivencia con otros compañeros y el intercambio cultural.

Ana Nohemi, Mexico

In this RioLIVE! Activity we took the tram up Santa Teresa hill, a beautiful neighborhood in a very especial place in Rio – in between north, center and south zones. At the beginning the students were excited to ride over the Arches of Lapa and watch on day light the party area some had grown fond of. On the hill, we spent a great afternoon eating a delicious feijoada, walking around to see the influence of different cultures in the architecture of the neighborhood and enjoying the view of different angles of Rio from above. Since we used the tram up Santa Teresa, we wrapped up the tour taking the Selaron stairway down. There the students played the classic game of trying to find a tile from their countries.

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