Travel Vocabulary in Portuguese

Pack your things and let’s learn the travel vocabulary in Portuguese!
Let’s listen and repeat all the vocabulary we need to know before going to a country that speaks Portuguese!

Take a look:

Travel Vocabulary

Travel Vocabulary in Portuguese. To pack the bag: Fazer as malas.

Travel Vocabulary in Portuguese. The camera: A câmera.

Examples of travel vocabulary in Portuguese for foreigners. The city map: O mapa da cidade.

Documents for traveling. The passport: O passaporte.

Important items for a trip. Touristic magazines: As revistas turísticas.

Travel Vocabulary in Portuguese. The guide book: O guia turístico.

Example of travel vocabulary in Portuguese. The tourist guide: O guia de turismo.

Important itens for a trip. The flight tickes: As passagens.

Vocabulary for traveling in Portuguese. The hotel: O hotel.

Places to stay when traveling: O albergue ou O hostel.

Where to exchange money when traveling. The currency exchange: A casa de câmbio.

What to do during the trip. To exchange money: Trocar dinheiro.

Information counter. To ask for information: Pedir informações.

Travel Vocabulary in Portuguese. To call a cab / taxi: Pedir um táxi.

Places to visit during the trip. Touristic sights: Os pontos turísticos.

That’s it people!
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Fazer as malas
A câmera
O mapa da cidade
O passaporte
As revistas turísticas
O guia turístico
O guia de turismo
As passagens
O hotel
O albergue/o hostel
A casa de câmbio
Trocar dinheiro
Pedir informações
Pedir um táxi
Pontos turísticos
To pack the bags
The camera
The map
The passport
The travel magazines
The guide book
The tour guide
The flight tickets
The hotel
The hostel
The currency exchange house
To exchange money
Ask for information
Call a cab/taxi
Touristic attractions / sights

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