Trem do Corcovado

Trem do Corcovado

Portuguese students at Cristo Redentor.
Portuguese students at Cristo Redentor.

We zijn met de groep naar Cristo Redentor geweest, helemaal boven kon je over heel Rio kijken. We hebben de zonsondergang bekeken over de bergen en het was erg mooi.

Camilla Bodewes, Netherlands.

Relaxing at Corcovado.
Relaxing at Corcovado.

Trem do Corcovado that was our RioLIVE! at this time, nothing better than spending a beautiful sunny afternoon in one of the most beautiful and popular places of Rio de Janeiro, o Cristo Redentor. Our Portuguese students from Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico and Romania had this amazing opportunity.

We met at Rio & Learn and headed by bus to the neighborhood of Cosme Velho, there, we waited some minutes for trem do Corcovado, our Portuguese students really liked the architecture of the station and they also played a game trying to find the flag of their countries inside the station. We took the Trem do Corcovado to the top of mountain, they were really excited about it and made a lot of questions about the mountain and the history of the statue, during the way they had a kind of warm up with nice views of the city and taking many pictures.

At the top, our students were really amazed with the beauty of the statue and also with the views that they could have of the whole city, they could see places like: Lagoa, Ipanema, Copacabana, Botafogo, Downtown and Maracanã, they really loved it. We finished our RioLIVE! watching a beautiful sunset that was perfect to end this amazing activity, we are sure that our Portuguese students loved it and were really happy.

Come you too to take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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