True Carioca Experience in Downtown Rio

In this RioLIVE! Activity the group of students went on tour in downtown where they got to know more about Brazilian and Carioca culture and History. We started the true carioca experience in downtown Rio taking the subway until the Uruguaiana station to get to the area known as Saara – a cluster of blocks filled with stores selling all kinds of things, sometimes for a very cheap price. That kind of commerce is called camelô. One of the students even got a new case for his phone. The students laughed at the fact that some cariocas will say something was made in USA when it was made in “Uruguaiana eSquina Alfândega”, two streets in that area.
Then we walked around the neighborhood where we saw many old churches and buildings until we got the Royal Portuguese Reading Room. There the students enjoyed a beautiful architecture and became familiar with the statue of the old Portuguese writer Luis de Camões.
The group went on to the main avenue in downtown all the way to the famous Candelária Church. That area has many interesting things to see such as the Olympic Cauldron from the 2016 Games. They also enjoyed two cool cultural centers that exhbits happening.
At the end, the group went to bar where the locals usually go to after their work in downtown. Nothing better than having steak on a stick, pastel and beers to finish a true carioca experience in downtown Rio.

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