A truly historical visit

19 de October de 2017
A truly historical visit.
A truly historical visit.
Catete palaceはとても美しい宮殿でした!庭も最高で、クラスメート達と会話しながら散歩しました。リオの歴史にも触れることができて充実した時間でした。
Mao Yamamoto, Japan
The museum is packed with historical pictures.
The museum is packed with historical pictures.

Palácio do Catete is an urban mansion, once Brazil’s presidential palace, which now houses the Museu da República. We then paid a visit to this exquisite historical site. After contemplating the luxury of the rooms inside, we went outside to enjoy the greenery and the beauties of the garden. That’s truly a historical visit that you can only see on RioLIVE! Catete Palace.

A stroll around the palace garden.
A stroll around the palace garden.

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