Trying the best sweets and desserts

13 de July de 2018

Columbo is worth the trip for the architecture alone! You will be spoiled for choice with the dessert selection. Definitely visit (recommend during off peak hours as it gets busy)

Virginia Yuan, United Kingdom

Would you like some delicious sweets?

Would you like some delicious sweets?

For a Brazilian, it’s almost impossible to say no for sugar. The funny thing is that we found out that our students also can’t say no to that. We spent the afternoon trying the best sweets and desserts at Confeitaria Colombo.

We ate something that we didn’t even know that existed: AΓ§aΓ­ cheesecake. Is it going to far? Of course not! We loved it! And Danielle, one of our students tried a coxinha for the first time. Yummy!

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