Tudo bem or Tudo bom

Tudo bem or Tudo bom. Olá! Tudo bem?!

Hey guys!
Are you ok? Well, today, the title of our Video Dica is exactly the usage of Tudo bem or Tudo bom. Many times, when a Brazilian person talks to a foreigner, he always uses to be a matter of formality, they often say:

– Olá! Tudo bem?!
– Hello! How do you do?

When it happens, for a foreigner is a little bit confusing, because we never know what to say. Foreigner people doesn’t know whether they must say Tudo bem or Tudo bom. It is always confusing, right? From now on, it won’t be confusing anymore. You can say Tudo bem or Tudo bom, without any problem. If a Brazilian, for example asks or says:

– Olá! Tudo bom?!

You don’t need to worry, you can say: Tudo bom ou Tudo bem, or for the a simpler way to solve everything:

– Tudo bem/Tudo bom?!
– Tudo!

That’s the fastest way, Tudo. So, the person can say:

– Olá! Tudo bem?!

And you can say:

– Tudo!


– Olá! Tudo bom?!
– Tudo!

But, if you want to think about the most correct form to say it, so, TUDO BEM, is the most correct grammar form to say it. So, if you want to say in the correct form, use Tudo bem . If you want to keep using the informal way, what is not a problem for us, so you can say, Tudo bem , Tudo bom  ou Tudo. Fine?

So that’s it! We are going to finish our Video Dica here, leaving our thank you very much for all of you who follow us. You can also have more more information about our school here in Rio de Janeiro, through our website: Rio & Learn or you can also get in contact, you can follow us in our Social Networks, such as TwitterFacebook, you can also ‘like’ our page and of course, the most important part, share with your friends that want to learn Portuguese, ok?

So that’s it, guys!
We finish here, leaving a big hug for all of you, and we see each other in our next Vídeo Dica.
Hugs and bye, bye!

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