Underrated First But Loved After

Sightseeing at Forte do Leme

Très belle visite à faire ! Le chemin est ombragé tout du long dans la forêt. Une belle balade et surtout un magnifique point de vue sur Rio. J’ai adoré, je recommande ! La plage du fort de Leme en bas est très jolie. C’est la photo typique de Rio avec ses plages immenses et le Corcovado dans le fond. Ça peut valoir le coup de prendre un maillot pour se rafraîchir après la marche!

Olivia Frederick, France

A great afternoon exploring Forte do Leme.

Underrated first but loved after. That was the feeling that our Portuguese students had visiting Forte do Leme with RioLIVE! Since this is not a big landmark in Rio, they weren’t expecting much about it,. but after walking up the trail, seeing nature and enjoying the views, everybody was simply amazed with this place. In the end nothing better than enjoying a great sunset, speaking Portuguese in this place that was underrated first but loved after!

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