Urca and Beers

Urca and Beers

Urca and beers is a good combination in Rio de Janeiro.
Urca and beers

Urca and beers is a good combination for an afternoon or a weekend. Urca is a beautiful neighbourhood with beautiful small houses where it is nice to walk by. We went to discover the place with our students that joined to our Urca RioLIVE! that this time were from Switzerland, Canadá, USA and Venezuela.

We started our visit in Praia Vermelha, one of the most beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro, but unfortunately the weather was not sunny so we didn’t stay on the the beach.

Praia vermelha and Pão de Açúcar
Praia vermelha and Pão de Açúcar

After Praia Vermelha we circled Morro da Urca and we enjoyed different points of view of Guanabara Bay:

Urca and Guanabara Bay
Urca and Guanabara Bay

We finished our visit at the famous Bar Urca, just enjoying Urca and beers at the same time. Our students experienced by the first time the delicious Pastel de Camarão with cerveja Original.

Bar Urca and beers with Pastel de Camarão
Urca and beers… and Pastel de Camarão

See some other pictures of the day:

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