Uruguaiana Market in Rio de Janeiro

Uruguaiana Market in Rio de Janeiro. Uruguaiana é um mercado popular no centro do Rio.
You’re looking for new shoes but they are too expensive?
So let us present to you the Uruguaiana Market in Rio de Janeiro.

The Uruguaiana Market or, Centro Comercial Uruguaiana is a popular market in Rio where you can buy everything you’re looking for, for the cheapest price in the city. It was created in 1994 so that the street vendors or as we call them, camelôs, could sell their items without walking around the city.

What can I buy there? You ask. That’s very simple! Anything you want! Clothes, accessories, video games, jewelry… the thing is, anything you’re looking for you can find with a cheaper price there.

How to get there

How to get to the Uruguaiana Market in Rio de Janeiro. Para chegar à Uruguaiana use o metrô.

The Uruguaiana Market is located right in the center of Rio, so it is very easy to get there. The best way to do it is by metro. And guess what! There is a metro station named Uruguaiana, right inside the Uruguaiana Market. You just have to come out through exit A and voilà! You’re inside the Uruguaiana Market in Rio de Janeiro.

Well, fellas! Are you ready to go shopping? So, meet us there and let’s buy!
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Bye bye!

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